PML Double Magnetic Circuit Permanent Magnet Lifter

Sheet double magnetic circuit permanent introduction:

Sheet double magnetic circuit permanent lifting can produce magnetic by magnetic circuit series composed of Nd-Fe-B and control magnetic circuit system by rotation of the handle,so as to complete work. It has strong suction,less residual magnetism, lighter weight and reasonable structure. In paeticular, it has 30%-40% handle damping force of single magnetic permanent lifting and a wider range of application. It can lift more than 5mm magnetic, an effective solution to the problems of inefficient single-magnetic circuit permanent magnet lifting.

Main application and its features:

Sheet double magnetic circuit permanent lifting is mainly used for sucking and connecting lifted workpiece in the process of lifting.It is convenient to convenient, reliable and has compact structure. It is widely used in factories, docks, warehouses and transportation industries to improve working conditions for loading and unloading operations and improve work efficiency.


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