YC Type Manual Permanent Magnet Lifter

Introduction to YC Manual Permanent Magnet Lifter 


1、Nd-Fe-B Magnet as core component, smaller size, stronger lifting force and lasting magnetic force.

2、High safety factor up to 3.5 times pulling-out force than rated lifting.

3、V style design at the bottom of lifter, can lift opposite round steel or steel board.

4、Easy to use and free to power.

5、Professional appearance design makes product more attractive.


Wildly used for lifting flat mechanical parts and steel, and in some mechnical manufacturing industries, such as machine-building plant, machining center, shipping building industry etc.

三、Quality Assurance:

1、Magnet: four year warranty under normal usage.(Magnetism will loss or even disappear under more than 70℃ and severe crash)

2、Other parts: four year warranty under normal usage.

3、It is packed in wooden box package.


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