HBSH Explosion-proof Lever Hoist

Hand Chain Block Explosion proof Chain Hoist

Wholesale aluminum bronze 1T 2T 3T 5T 10T HBSQ Hand Chain Block Explosion proof Chain Hoist
Explosion-proof hoist is a kind of easy to use, easy to carry the manual hoisting machinery, explosion-proof chain blocks and explosion-proof manual monorail trolley supporting the use of manual lifting transportation vehicles, explosion-proof chain blocks can be widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, gas station, oil depot and gas extraction, chemical industry, military industry, electric power, mining, electronics, railways, and other potential HuoHuan and explosion dangerous environment, In the operation of products friction collision will not produce mechanical sparks, effectively prevent fire accidents, to ensure national property and personal safety. It is also an indispensable special tool for machinery manufacturing and machinery maintenance


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