HSH Manual Hand Lever Hoist/ Block

   HSH lever block is a light, manual traction versatile lifting machinery, widely used in electric power, mining, shipbuilding, construction, transportation, telecommunications and other sectors, goods lifting, mechanical traction, parts bundles, line narrowing and to defend the pick counterpoint and other occasions, especially in small workplaces, ourdoor high-altitude operations and a variety of different angles of pulling more of its advantages.


1、Compact structure, small size, light weight, easy to carry, especially for its field and working at height.

2、The whole structure of high-strength steel plate, the surface spraying, coating solid, impact-resistant, wear-resistant.

3、Brakes with dual pawl brake to ensure the application of safety and reliability.

4、Guide chain structure using a closed chain guide cover structure, ensure that the chain operation reliability.

5、Hook alloy steel forging and heat treatment process to ensure that appear in the use of overloading is deformed without breaking the hook to ensure safe use. 

6、Brake clutch device design, load pull the chain can improve the effectiveness of freedom.



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